Enlaces a otros recursos de la red

    Observatorios profesionales
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Anglo-Australian Observatory [AAO]
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Armagh Observatory, Irlanda
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Big Bear Solar Observatory, California
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Burke-Gaffney Observatory, Nueva Escocia
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Cagliari Astronomical Observatory, Italia
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit, Reino Unido
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Center for EUV Astrophysics, UC Berkeley
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center, Harvard
puntet.gif (63 bytes)CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility
puntet.gif (63 bytes)David Dunlap Observatory, University of Toronto
puntet.gif (63 bytes)European Southern Observatory

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Gran Telescopio de Canarias
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Griffiths Observatory, California
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory, Sudáfrica
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, Columbia Británica
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Infrared Space Observatory ESSA, Madrid
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Institute for Astonomy, Hawaii

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Isaac Newton Group Telescopes
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Keck Observatory, Hawaii
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Korea Astronomy Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Leiden Observatory, Holanda
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Mees Solar Observatory, Hawaii
puntet.gif (63 bytes)MIT Haystack Observatory, Massachusetts
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Mount Laguna Observatory, San Diego State University

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Mount Wilson Observatory, California
puntet.gif (63 bytes)National Optical Astronomy Observatories [NOAO]
puntet.gif (63 bytes)National Radio Astronomy Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)National Solar Observatory, New Mexico

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, Madrid
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Observatorio Astronómico Hispano-Alemán de Calar Alto
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Onsala Space Observatory, Suecia
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Perth Observatory, Australia
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Rainwater Observatory, Mississippi
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Royal Greenwich Observatory, Gran Bretaña
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Royal Observatory, Edinburg
puntet.gif (63 bytes)San Fernando Observatory, California
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Harvard
puntet.gif (63 bytes)South African Astronomical Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy SOFIA, California

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Uppsala Astronomical Observatory, Suecia
puntet.gif (63 bytes)US Naval Observatory [USNO]
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Wise Observatory, Israel

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Consolidated Lunar Atlas

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon

     Datos astronómicos
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ADC Catalog Viewer
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomical Data Tables and Calculator
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomical Data Glossary
puntet.gif (63 bytes)CDS Astronomer's Bazaar
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Harvard's Astronomical Data Links
puntet.gif (63 bytes)JPL Planetary Data System
puntet.gif (63 bytes)International Astronomical Union: Minor Planet Center
puntet.gif (63 bytes)NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center Astronomical Data Center
puntet.gif (63 bytes)National Space Science Data Center
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Physical Constants and Astronomical Data
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SEDS Messier Database
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SIMBAD Astronomical Database
puntet.gif (63 bytes)USNO Astronomical Applications Department

    Construye tu telescopio

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Amateur Telescope Making
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Amateur Telescope Maker's Journal (ATMA)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ATM Archives
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ATM FAQ

puntet.gif (63 bytes)ATM óptica astronómica
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ATMpage.com
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ATM's Resource List

puntet.gif (63 bytes)Construcción de un observatorio con techo deslizante
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Construcción de un telescopio de 200mm
puntet.gif (844 bytes)Construye tu cámara CCD
puntet.gif (63 bytes)DMOZ ATM Links
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Mel Bartels' ATM Links
puntet.gif (63 bytes)S*T*A*R Astronomy's ATM Links
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Tallahassee Astronomical Society's
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ATM Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Victor's Telescope Making Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Yahoo's ATM Links

    Suministradores de telescopios
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Imvo
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Microciencia
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Catalana de Telescopios
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Informática Industrial
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Valkanik
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Cottet

    Noticias y portales astronómicos
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astroenlazador
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy Digest
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy Magazine
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy Now
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Discovery.com
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Everything in the Universe
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Explorezone.com
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ExoScience.com
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Info Astro (castellano)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)NASA Astronomy Digital Image Library
puntet.gif (63 bytes)NASA Space Science Homepage
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Science Daily's Space News
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Sky Publishing Online
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Spaceflight Now
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Space News
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SpaceSciences.com
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Stardate Online
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Astronomy Net
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Universe Today
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Windows on the Universe

     Otros recursos
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Allexperts Astronomy: Ask an Expert
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Applied Space Resources
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AstroEd: Astronomy Education Resources Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Galileo Probe Resources List
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Hubble Space Telescope Resources List
puntet.gif (63 bytes)International Space Station Resource List
puntet.gif (63 bytes)
Observatorio ARVAL
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The SETI League
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Star Lore
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Enlaces Astronómicos de la A.A,Madrid
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Últimas Noticias Astronómicas (A.A.M.)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Asociaciones astronómicas españolas (links de la A.A.Madrid)



































       Astronomy Link Lists

puntet.gif (63 bytes)123World Astronomy
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy Links (Polish)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy News and Links
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AstroWeb
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AstroWeb Consortium
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy Educational Links
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Galaxy.com's Astronomy Links
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Prairie Astronomy Club
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Spacebox.org
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Electronic Universe
puntet.gif (63 bytes)USGS Astronomy & Space Science
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Yahoo.com's Astronomy Links


Anillos de Webs astronómicos y temas afines

Anillo Argentino de Astronomía - 8 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
El Anillo Argentino de Astronomía intenta nuclear a todos los sitios oficiales o de aficionados argentinos dedicados a la astronomía y las ciencias del espacio.

Anillo Astronómico - 115 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
El Anillo Astronómico es un listado de recursos sobre astronomía en español. Contiene enlaces a multitud de páginas de todo el mundo sobre todo tipo de informaciones siempre con el nexo de unión de la Astronomía.

Anneau francophone de la conquête spatiale - 10 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Cet anneau regroupe des sites consacrés en français à l'exploration et à la conquête de l'espace.

Astronomy - Support Your Local Astronomer - 34 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Support your Local Astronomer Share links or just browse the work of others. Find interesting links on observing the MIR and ISS Space Stations and other Earth orbiting satellites, remote imaging. NASA, ESA missions to Earth and other Planets. Amateur Astronomers are encouraged to list their interests, personal projects, homepages.

Astronomy Pictures - 112 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Sites contain astronomy pictures, astronomy data, astronomy news, space exploration, or any kind of astronomy related sites, Join us now!

Astrophysics - 115 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Astronomy and the physics behind it merge to give us astrophysics. This has spawned ideas like the Big Bang, wormholes and quantum gravity. Not only have amazing predictions been made, but we also have pretty pictures, and a vast change in the our philosophy and the way in which we view the Universe.

Best Astronomy Sites Webring - 15 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
This ring is for great astronomy sites that have won at least one award.

COSMOS Astronomical Web Ring - 86 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The COSMOS Astronomical Web ring was developed by the River Valley Stargazer Oline. This Web ring is for anyone who's hobby and/or works in the felds of Astronomy this ring is also open to people who study the Weather. members of the COSMOS Astronomical Web ring must have sites that are safe for kids of all ages to view.

ExploreSpace.com - 32 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
An educational resource to Astronomy and Space. Look up astronomy/physic terms. Read the latest news. Explore the solar system. Find astronomy clubs in your area. History of Observatories. Astronomy stuff -Books,Magazines,Telescopes,Videos.... WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN EXPLORE SPACE WEBRING LOGO!!! WE HAVE A COUPLE TO CHOOSE FROM BUT WE'RE STILL LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT ONE. EVEN IF YOU DON'T JOIN GIVE IT A SHOT. Webmaster@explorespace.com

GEOSCIENCE - 116 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The first and orginal Geoscience Webring on the Internet. This ring is for anyone interested in geosciences. Any earth science (i.e. geology, geography, meteorology, environmental science, ecology, etc...)is welcome. Sites must have some meaningful content regarding earth sciences, be viewable by the general public, and display the ring banner.

Gaia Webring - 7 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
This inter-disciplinary ring brings together sites concerned with Gaia, the living Earth, in any or all of her aspects, her history, dynamics, past and future. Although the basic paradigm is the Lovelock and Margulis Gaia-hypothesis, sites do not have to be limited to that one framework. The orientation may be theoretical or practical, scientific, metaphysical, or eco-spiritual, or any or all of the above or even something different altogether.

Geology & Earth Science Webring - 64 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
This ring is for anyone whose site is related to some aspect of the geosciences (mineralogy, paleontology,etc..)or earth sciences (meteorology, oceanography, etc...). Websites may NOT contain any vulgarity, pornography, etc... and MUST have the ring htmlcode which will be provided by the ring manger (me) either on the ring page or sent via email. The ring is not for trying to sell domain names or books. If those are part of your site its okay. But if that is your entire site content, sorry.

German Space Net - Webring - 85 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Der GSN-WEBRING ist eine Vereinigung Deutscher Raumfahrt- und Astronomie- Homepages.

Living Universe Foundation WebRing - 38 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Living Universe Foundation (http://www.luf.org/) is a grass roots movement for the development of ecologically sound technologies for healing the Earth and colonizing the oceans and space. This ring is open to all members of the foundation, or any website dedicated to science, technologies, projects, or societies interested in ocean and space colonization.

Milky Way Astronomy Club Web Ring - 62 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Web ring full of Astronomy sites.

RASC Member Home Pages Web Ring - 28 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The RASC Member Home Page's Webring is the web ring of home sites of members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and affiliated centres across the country.

Radio Astronomy Web Ring - 25 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Sites related to radio astronomy, especially those of value to amateur radio astronomers. Home and school based radio observatories. All aspects of radio astronomy are explored including solar flare detection, Jupiter noise storm monitoring, meteor detection by radio, and more.

Rymdringen - 5 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
A ring with swedish spacepages.

Satellite Tracking Web Ring - 11 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Artificial Earth Satellite Tracking and Observing (Space Shuttles, Mir, International Space Station, etc.) using Keplerian elements, satellite tracking programs, and other predictions. NOTE: Not for web sites concerning the tracking of ships, yachts, trucks, containers, etc. by satellites.

Saturn's Space Webring - 13 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
My page has a lot of time and effort put into it, and it is an entertainment site, and it is about SPACE. There are Pictures here and there are links here. This is for any age kid. Come on in.

Sauvons la grande lunette de Meudon ! - 12 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Attention, chef d'oeuvre en péril ! La grande lunette de l'observatoire de Meudon est la plus grande d'Europe et seules deux cousines américaines la surpassent dans le monde ! Elle a permit de très nombreuses découvertes et comme remerciement, on la laisse à l'abandon... Aidez-nous à sauver de l'oubli notre patrimoine scientifique et historique !

Science & Technology Webring - 33 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Science & Technology Webring is designed for sites that deal with science and technology, as the name implies.

Science Books - 14 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Books about science. Sites in this ring feature books about science. Suitable sites are those which describe, review or promote serious science books for the educated lay-person who wants to find out more.

Science Humor Webring - 41 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
This web ring is dedicated to humor about science or scientists. This includes all kind of sciences, physical or social.

Science Olympiad WebRing - 93 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Science Olympiad WebRing is a ring of (you guessed it!) Science Olympiad sites. If you compete in Science Olympiad, this is the place for you. If you're looking for random science facts, try us out too!

Science for All - 6 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Science, Technology and Society an intertwined trio. These sites want to let people discover what science is about and how technology has changed our lives since it grew into our societies. Pages made by scientists to communicate Science in a non-technical way. From science stories to history of science, technology news, environment, cultural evolution. All that can contribute to understand the blessings and also the risks and responsibilities that come with a technologically advanced society.

Scientific Philosophy - 14 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Philosophizing on Reality based upon scientific understanding of the Universe. To answer the BIG QUESTIONS is what we hope to achieve. Some examples of the BIG QUESTIONS are as follows :- why is there a Universe?, what is Reality?, what exactly is a Universe and Why?, what exactly is Gravity?, what exactly is Energy/Mass?, why is there not total Nothingness? and how amazing is it to even contemplate such aspects of Reality?

Space Exploration Web Ring - 63 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Sites educating people on the history of NASA and space flight in general, or dealing with the past, present or future of space flight (No science fiction please).

Starsailor - 35 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Space Exploration and the Nasa Program for families and enthusiasts. Some sites may contain information on space exploration and activities from other countries, such a the Russia and the former soviet union. Not intended for sci-fi fictional type pages, but only those that deal with human exploration of space, either manned or unmanned. Educational and informative as well as fun.

Stellar Visions - 43 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Stellar Visions webring is open to all sites that cover astronomy and related topics

Stuff About Space Ring (SAS) - 71 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Stuff About Space (SAS) Ring the was made about the begining of July 1996. This ring deals with space, astronomy, and so on. If you have a page with that type of stuff please join.

The Astronomical Webring - 64 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
This ring is for all sites about astronomy, space, and the universe out there. All websites about astronomy or astrophysics are welcome. Visit this ring for the BEST astronomy sites on the web!

The Black Hole Webring - 39 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
A ring designed only for Science, math, or other such things.

The Carl Sagan Webring - 11 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Ring of web sites devoted to the scientific poet, Carl Sagan.

The NASA Mission Control Webring - 11 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Mission Control webring intends to showcase web sites built and/or maintained by current and former Mission Control Center Flight Controllers. The sites do not necessarily have to feature space- or NASA-related topics. This is more for showing the diverse interests of the people "behind the scenes" in the MCC!

The Netherlands Seti Team - 6 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
This is a dutch site of the Netherlands Seti Team Is E.T out there? Join our Team and webring to find out. Download the program from our site

The Ring of Fire - 11 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Ring of Fire is for people with websites about geology or Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

The Ring of the Martians - 31 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
If it has something to do with Mars, anything goes in The Ring of the Martians. It's for sites about Mars in general, the Marsville project, the Pathfinder, life on Mars (or anywhere in outer space), and everyone's favorite Marvin the Martian. If anyone has a K-9 the Mars Dog Web site, we'll accept that, too.

Theory of Everything - 14 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The ring for Theory of Everything in Physics and Philosophy. Talking about the fundamental level of nature, mechanisms, models and cosmology. Grand Unification Theory in alternative physics. Not recommended for metaphysics.

Weather Watchers Online - 68 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Weather Watchers Online is a non-profit organization dedicated to the free exchange of weather-related information using the latest technology. Sites featured in the WWOL ring are authored by members of the Weather Watchers Online organization.

Women In Science - 30 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
This ring if for women in science who have homepages which do not necessarily need to be about science, although that is helpful. This ring is also for those who have rings about women in science throughout history and in the present day.

Youth Space Ring - 21 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
The Youth Space Ring is a cool new web-ring which anyone interested in the Space Industry and with a desire to build future technologies can join. The Youth Space Ring will help increase traffic to your web-site! Your site must contain the space or technology theme. The inclusion of the word "youth" in the Ring title just means your page must be understandable and interesting to anyone from about 5-45 years of age.

astro commlink - 5 sites - Home List Random Search Ring
Astro Commlink is interested in one theme: Communicating astronomy interestingly. :) Nothing else (no spaceflight, no star trek, etc). The aim is to provide a ring which the user can float through conveniently and efficiently, and be able to follow the information on the pages relatively easily. Slow loading and disorganised pages are a no no. :) Will it work? I have no idea, but at least I can say I tried. :) Please check the ring homepage before trying to join for more specific info.