Colección de enlaces a estrellas variables


puntet.gif (63 bytes)Agrupación Astronómica Albireo, Sevilla
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AAVSO, The American Association of Variable Star Observers
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AFOEV, Association Française des Observateurs d'Étoiles Variables
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ASD SVS Astronomical Society of Denmark - Section for Variable Stars (Dinamarca)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AVE, Asociacion de Variabilistas de España
puntet.gif (63 bytes)BBSAG Bedeckungsveranderlichen Beobacher der Sweizerischen Astronomischen Gesellschaft (Suiza)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)BAAVSS, British Astronomical Association Variable Star Section
puntet.gif (63 bytes)BAV, German Variable Stars Group
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Binary Stars: Software para estrellas binarias
puntet.gif (63 bytes)BRNO-Variable Star Section of the Czech Astronomical Society
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Cataclysmic Variable Circulars (Belgica)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Czech Variable Star Organization VSS
puntet.gif (63 bytes)GEA, Grup d'Estudis Astronòmics
puntet.gif (63 bytes)GEOS Groupe Europeen d'Observation Stellaire
puntet.gif (63 bytes)German Workgroup for Variable Stars (BAV)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Grupo Argo Navis (Brasil)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Grupo de Variables y Supernovas M1 (A.A. Madrid)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)HAA's Variable Star Section (Hungría)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)MEDUZA Variable stars group, República Checa
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Instituto Copérnico (Argentina)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)International Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photometry (IAPPP)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)International Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photometry (Spanish Wing/GEA)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)International TOAD Watch
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Israeli Astronomical Association (Israel)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)LIADA Variable Star Section (Argentina)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület (Hungria)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde (NVWS) (Holanda)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Opazovanje spremenljivk (Eslovenia)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)PTMA Polskie Towarzystwo Milosnikow Astronomii (Polonia)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)RASNZ Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (Nueva Zelanda)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Recurrent Objects Programme (Reino Unido)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)REDE DE ASTRONOMIA OBSERVACIONAL-REA (Brasil)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SAAF Variabelsektionen (Suecia)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Society for Popular Astronomy - Variable Star Section
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Star Fox, Web de aficionados rusos (en ruso)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Astronomer Organisation
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Astronomical Society of South Australia
puntet.gif (63 bytes)UAI - Unione Astrofili Italiani (Italia)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Ursa Astronomical Association, Variable Star Section (Finlandia)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable Star Network (Japón)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable stars  - variables del proyecto MACHO 
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable star ZOO - Observatorio Aastronomico di Trieste (Italy), variable star observing trainer 
puntet.gif (63 bytes)VSOLJ Variable Star Observers League in Japan (Japan)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)VVS Bélgica
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Warren Astronomical Society - Variable Star Observers
puntet.gif (63 bytes)WET, The Whole Earth Telescope
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Worthing Astronomical Society: Variable Star Section


    Recursos total o parcialmente relacionados con estrellas variables

puntet.gif (63 bytes)ADS Astrophysics Data System
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Algol, la estrella endemoniada
puntet.gif (63 bytes)All Sky Patrol Astrophysics
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Anglo-Australian Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AstroCosmo
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomía estelar
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy Archive
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy and Astrophysics at Columbia University
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy and Astrophysics Virtual Library - part of WWW Virtual Library
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy related programs - many programs (non - compiled) for variable stars research
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy resources - resources not only to variable stars in USA
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ASU's Nova Group
puntet.gif (63 bytes)BAIT Automated Imaging Telescope
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Binary Stars - A Primer for the Beginner
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Binary Stars - free astronomy software for Macintosh computers
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Blue Stragglers (Argentina)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Blue Stragglers (NASA)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Birmingham University School of Physics & Astronomy
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Brigham Young University Variable Star Database
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Catalogues of CDS - the CDS Service for astronomical Catalogues (Strasbourg) 
puntet.gif (63 bytes)CBA Center for Backyard Astrophysics
puntet.gif (63 bytes)CCD Atlas on-line
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Centro Científico y Cultural en Orava (Eslovaquia) ¡y en español!
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Delta Scuti Newsletter
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Directory of astronomers engaged in the research of eclipsing binaries
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Distant Supernova Search
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Eclipsing binaries - other variable star page about eclipsing binaries
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Eclipsing binaries - all about eclipsing binaries
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Eclipsing Binary Observers Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Eclipsing Binary Stars
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Eclipsing Binary Stars: A Simple Model for Computing Light Curves
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Estrellas binarias y evolución estelar (IAA)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Galactic Cepheid Database del Observatorio David Dunlap
puntet.gif (63 bytes)GCVS: General Catalogue of Variable Stars (Rusia)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission (ESA)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Hipparcos variables - variables monitored by Hipparcos
puntet.gif (63 bytes)IAU C27 - International Astronomical Union, Commission 27. Variable Stars 
puntet.gif (63 bytes)IBVS - Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IAU)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Indiana University (RoboScope)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Introducción a las estrellas variables
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ITW International TOAD (Tremendous Outburst Amplitude Dwarf Novae) Watch
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Kaerrbo observatory (Sweden)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Karl Dubost - VARIABLE STARS DATABASE TOOLS
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Keele University
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Lew's CCD Camera & Telescope Project
puntet.gif (63 bytes)List of Supernovae in NGC and IC galaxies (D. Bishop)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Lista de Supernovas recientes
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Luminous Blue Variables
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Lumious Blue Variable Stars
puntet.gif (63 bytes)MACHO
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Max-Planck-Institut fur Astrophysik
puntet.gif (63 bytes)McMaster Cepheid Photometry and Radial Velocity Data Archive
puntet.gif (63 bytes)MuniPack Computer programs for a CCD photometry on a PC
puntet.gif (63 bytes)MUSICOS project
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Novas y Supernovas
puntet.gif (63 bytes)OGLE Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
puntet.gif (63 bytes)OzDASL: Magnitudes of Eclipsing Binary Variable Star
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Photometric catalogue of faint stars for calibration of wide-field survey images
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Proyecto CLEA
puntet.gif (63 bytes)PULSATING VARIABLES
puntet.gif (63 bytes)RR Lyrae Data Archive
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SAC  - Rocznik Astronomiczny Obserwatorium Krakowskiego (Poland)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SAC-Ephemerides
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SAI AstroNet, Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Rusia)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Sky and Telescope
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Skyscrapers, Inc - Amateur Astronomical Society Of Rhode Island
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SMC Variables Paper
puntet.gif (63 bytes)South African Astronomical Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Star life - Stars' evolution on ZAMS, before and after (USA) 
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Stellar Astrophysics at Penn State University
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Stellarspectralanalysis
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Sternberg Astronomical Institute
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Sun Hill Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Supernova Nexus Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Supernovae et Novae (AUDE)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Supernovas recientes
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Szeged Observatory Hungary
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Telescopes In Education (TIE) - Heath Gibson's Report
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Texas University SNe Research
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Intermediate Polars
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The random variable page - privat www page about variable stars (UK)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Universidad de Extremadura 
puntet.gif (63 bytes)University of Goettingen
puntet.gif (63 bytes)University of Iowa Automated Telescope Facility
puntet.gif (63 bytes)University of St. Andrews Astronomy Group
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Univ. of Washington, MACHO page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)University of Wisconsin Space Astronomy Laboratory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)U.S. Naval Observatory - usefull page (USA)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variables cataclistmáticas y su mirror en Europa
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variables cataclísmicas
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable Stars visible to Stardial
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Virtual observatory (beta ver). maybe some future archive of CCD photometry
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)WBVR catalog
puntet.gif (63 bytes)XX Leo Observing Project

    Páginas sobre estrellas variables

puntet.gif (63 bytes)A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries: Henrietta Leavitt
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Ap and Am stars with variable star names II
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Active Galactic Nuclei Página de observadores próximos a Integral group
puntet.gif (63 bytes)AGN Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Alon Retter's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Andy Silber's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)BGSU Variable Star Project
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Bill Dillon's Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Bjorn H. Granslo's Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Boris Gaensicke's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Carla Maceroni's Page, general properties of W UMa-stars
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Carole Haswell's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Cepheid Variable Star
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Coel Hellier's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Dalibor Hanzl's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Douglas L. Welch
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Douglas S. Hall, photometry, light curve analysis
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Edward F. Guinan, photometry, spectroscopy, light curve analysis
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Enrico Prosperi's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Etoiles Be (AUDE)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Frederick A. Ringwald's Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Gaghik Tovmassian's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Gary Poyner's Home Pages
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Gene Hanson's Variable Star Pages
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Gianluca Masi's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Heart of England Astronomical Society
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Henrietta Leavitt, bibliografía
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Homepage of Bjorn H. Granslo
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Homepage of Lelekovice's astronomy village (en checo) Información sobre Alpha Ori
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Intermediate Polar Home Page (Mukai)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Jenny Long, Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Jiri Borovicka, visual observations, CCD photometry
puntet.gif (63 bytes)John R, Percy
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Jozsef Vinko's Page W UMa-stars
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Kevin Krisciunas, home page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Marek Wolf's Page CCD photometry, apsidal motion
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Martin Still's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Maurice Gavin's Home pages
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Mark Kidger Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Messier 5 and it's variables Identificacón, curvas de luz, descripción de sistemas (L.Ondra) 
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Michael Richmond's Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Mike Poxon's Variable Star pages
puntet.gif (63 bytes)MV Lyrae - CBA work
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Página de Miguel Rodríguez Marco
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Página de Supernovas de Robert Cumming
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Paul D. Hendry, photometry, light curve analysis, Doppler imaging
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Paul van Cauteren y Patricia Lampens
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Dr. JR Percy
puntet.gif (63 bytes)RED STAR PROJECT
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Results from Masaryks University observatory Masaryks University, N. Copernicus Observatory en Brno
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Richmond's Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Robert Greimel - personal WWW page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Rudolf Novak's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Russell Robb's Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Slavek M. Rucinski general properties of W UMa-stars
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Sky Publishing, Sky & Telescope magazine
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Stig Linander's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SunHill Observatory por Mr. Molik
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Amateur Sky Survey (TASS)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Dayton TASS Camera Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Random Variable page (Lloyd)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The supernovae (en checo) Supernovae, página de M. Broz
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Whole Earth Blazar (WEB) Telescope Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Timothy Abbott's Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Tom Marsh's Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Tonny VANMUNSTER
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variables Peculiares
puntet.gif (63 bytes)VARIABLE STAR CATALOGUE
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable star in Dumbell nebula página de L.Ondra's
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable star Photometry
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable stars observing on Stefanik observatory in Prague (en checo) Binarias eclipsantes.
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Variable Star Projects at SSUO
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Visual observations made by M. Lehky novae y supernovae, galaxias con núcleos activos
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Working on Valasske Mezirici Observatory (en checo) Observaciones de Mira y SR variables (L. Smelcer)


    Observaciones desde el espacio

puntet.gif (63 bytes)STScI
puntet.gif (63 bytes)NASA Astro-2 Mission
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ROSAT Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)XTE Mission
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ALEXIS Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ISO Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)IUE Data Analysis Center Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Hipparcos Project Home Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)BATSE Home Page


   Utilidades y servicios de información

puntet.gif (63 bytes)IAU Circulars On-line
puntet.gif (63 bytes)IAU Web CS Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Astrophysical Journal
puntet.gif (63 bytes)The Astronomical Journal
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract Service
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
puntet.gif (63 bytes)New Astronomy [Europa] [USA]
puntet.gif (63 bytes)IAUCs antiguas
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SISSA preprint server
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ADS Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract Service [Mirror en Japón]
puntet.gif (63 bytes)NASA HEASARC On-line Service
puntet.gif (63 bytes)NASA The Astrophysical Data Facility
puntet.gif (63 bytes)STScI Catalogs and Surveys Branch
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ADS Catalogs Access
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Twin Astrographic Catalog (TAC)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)USNO Precision Measuring Machine
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Jean-Claude Mermilliod's Lausanne Photometric Database
puntet.gif (63 bytes)General Catalogue of Variable Stars (at SAI)
puntet.gif (63 bytes)McMaster Cepheid Photometry and Radial Velocity Archive
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ROSAT Bright Source Catalogue
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Bibliography and Program Notes on Close Binaries
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Crakow Observatory Eclipsing Binaries Minima Database
puntet.gif (63 bytes)University of Sussex, High Mass X-ray Binary Database
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Archival LMC and SMC Photometry from Harvard College Observatory
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Cloudy
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Landolt standard stars
puntet.gif (63 bytes)CBAT astroid position checker for SN hunters
puntet.gif (63 bytes)ESO/ST-ECF USNO-A1.0 Catalogue Server
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SIMBAD, Strasbourg
puntet.gif (63 bytes)SIMBAD PMM USNO-A1.0 Search Page
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Star Catalog Viewer by S. Yoshida
puntet.gif (63 bytes)Designations of Astronomical Catalogs