Ametlla de Mar Observatory
I.A.U. Code 946
Grup d'Estudis Astron˛mics (GEA)  Mallorca Observatory Team (OAM) 



1. During 1992-1995 participating on J˙piter observational campaigns, particularly the SEBD of 1993

2. Since 1995 on the "Programa de identificaciˇn y caracterizaciˇn de nuevas Estrellas Variables" (Identification and characterisation of new variable stars) developed by the GEA. Some interesting discoveries were RR Lyrae CN Cam, other Eclipsing binaries, and a pulsating star type SX Phe, Moreover classify some GCVS variables and Hipparcos not well characterized.

3. The observatory, with  946 Minor Planet Center code, takes part in Minor Planet Astrometry, mainly on NEO (Near Earth Objects) confirmation and follow-up, and other asteroids flagged as"Virtuals Impactors" by NEODyS and Sentry-JPL .

4. Survey of  some polar and low elongation sky areas every month. Some new asteroids were discovered

5. The observatory takes part in UNICORN PROJECT, working togheter with 620-Mallorca and 165-Piera Observatories, by means of the 3 twin Schmidt cameras,   scanning some sky areas poorly observed.

6. Building three new experimental 61-cms Klevzov Telescopes for replacing the Schmidt cameras,  aimed particularly for NEO follow-up  UNICORN PROJECT

7. Developing the hard and soft for set up two internet remote observatories in 620-Mallorca and Cerros de La Sagra ( Almeria)

8. Participating on Spaceguard Spain tasks



 J. Nomen